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Fall Hike

He wore his fall hat that matched all the trees. I mean every tree out there. And his beautiful grin that has lit me up for eleven years now, lit me up from 3,000 miles away, and now from across town, across this room. Lights my heart on fire and the warmth brims up into my chest and leaks out my eyes. Then I get all snotty. It is fantastic. There is nothing better than that.

She wore her favorite play dress and her shoes “JUST LIKE PAPA’S!!!”. And her love of hoarding sticks and pine cones, and her unwavering sense of wonder and magic. And her sweetness. There was so much love on this hike, it’s no wonder all the trees were turning red and orange, just to contain it.


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A lot of my garden suffered this year due to a nine-week stretch without rain. However, a bumper crop of sunflowers, including an 8×8 sunflower house,¬†managed to thrive in the finicky and rough Upper Peninsula weather. Let’s hear it for children’s gardens! Even when they are for mamas too!

Since there are so many of these sturdy lovelies, I decided to save about 20 of the heads for seeds for next year (7 varieties) and to leave the rest of the sunflowers (50ish) for the birds to enjoy. Tweet tweet!

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