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beauty in the mail

I received some WONDERFUL mail last week from my Shop, Swap, and Blog partner, April Hall. April is a paper artist who is committed to bringing joy to others with her handmade creations. Her work is super cool, well-constructed and just darling! Do yourself a favor and head over to her Etsy shop to pick up a few cards for yourself!



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summer’s gone

summer's goneIMG_3082IMG_3018
I had planned to hang out at home in my “comfort zone” and spend the day in a secret sort of struggle about how hard it is to write and trying to capture everything while journalling, and my ongoing project of thinking about and discovering color….blah blah blah.
instead, my husband and daughter and I, along with 2 other families, headed out to Wetmore Pond, a nearby wilderness area where we had an adventure on a quaking bog, picking cranberries and getting fresh air; and where I happened to discover some amazing colors I had never seen before. This experience was fantastic and certainly pushed my limits of perception further.
This photo was taken while standing in the center of the quaking bog, in the middle of the valley bog wetland. The bog vegetation ( and sedge, tamarack, cranberries) forms a mat half a meter or so thick, floating over water and very wet peat. Walking on the surface causes it to move –in a very queasy way-– larger movements causes visible ripples of the surface. This was very squishy and it felt crazy to step onto a HUGE floating “land” mass. WOW.

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